New Spa And Wellness Programs With Integrative Medicine Pioneer Dr. Andrew Weil

Dr. Andrew Weil

We are excited to announce a new mindful living program offering a holistic spa and wellness experience integrating physical, social, environmental and spiritual well-being on all our ships. The Spa and Wellness with Dr. Andrew Weil program will be the first-ever of its kind at sea. Here are some details about the program and how it will enhance your cruise vacation.

The Wellness Guide
A certified yoga and meditation practitioner will lead the program inspiring and educating you through various complimentary classes and gatherings throughout the voyage.

Program Kickoff
Dr. Weil will sail on Seabourn Encore's inaugural cruise in January 2017. The new program will be rolled out to all our ships in 2017 as well as Seabourn Ovation in spring of 2018. Dr. Weil will sail on a different Seabourn ship each year delivering a 60-minute lecture and offer smaller informal group discussions. A separate team of wellness experts will also make regular visits to the spa facilities on all our ships.

What You Can Expect
Central to the program is the daily practice of meditation and yoga through a selection of complimentary sessions. Guests who choose to participate in the program can experience Mindful Meditation, which will introduce positive affirmations and mantras you can reflect on throughout the day. There will also be daily restorative yoga classes to focus upon the mantra and positive affirmations. Yoga classes will be varied, offering you the ability to choose classes that focus on various physical issues, such healing back and joint pain, headaches and body alignment, as well as yoga to enhance creativity, mental focus and happiness. Classes will focus on mind, body and spirit over a period of seven days, with a new theme every day.
Mind and Body Seminars
Integral to the wellness program are enriching complimentary Mind and Body seminars on the philosophies and practices that are aligned with the program's mission. Each presentation will aim to empower you with ideas and practices that enhance well-being and increase the awareness of connection between mind, body, environment and wellness. The Seminars, created by Dr. Weil and Steiner's Wellness professionals, many based upon Dr. Weil's teachings, will explore the fields of the healing arts.

On board seminars include:

  • Spontaneous Happiness & Spontaneous Healing: adapted from Dr. Andrew Weil's best-selling books.
  • Anti-inflammatory foods: adapted from Dr. Andrew Weil's nutritional guidance.
  • Healthy Aging: adapted from Dr. Andrew Weil's research in this area.
  • Introduction to Mindful Meditation: learn what happens to the body and mind during meditation.

Alignment with Seabourn Spa
The launch of the Mind and Body Wellness Program with Dr. Andrew Weil deepens our already wellness-focused Seabourn spa program that offers you a wide range of body massages, facials, fitness and beauty treatments. Lending itself to the program is the powerfully aromatic Thai Poultice massages that use the traditionally prepared steamed herbs of Camphor, Kaffir Lime, Prai, Turmeric and Lemon Grass in muslin poultices to melt away stress and tension, or nourishing desecrated Coconut that nurtures the body with soothing fats and lipids. Guests will also find Deeper than Deep Hot Stone Massage, Bamboo Massage and Freestyle Massage to engage their minds and bodies.

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