Top 10 South Pacific Seabourn Experiences

We are excited to share with you the top 10 Expedition Experiences you won’t want to miss in the South Pacific on board Seabourn Pursuit. Our newest purpose-built expedition ship will be taking guests to some of the least-traveled islands and atolls in the world, with itineraries designed with no two experiences alike. The voyages will offer a number of unique experiences, including exploring unspoiled coral reefs with diverse fish populations, discovering relics of World War II action in the Pacific Theater, and immersing guests in fascinating local communities that openly share their traditions and culture.

These unique voyages will provide countless Seabourn Moments, bringing you closer to the marvels of the world and the rich tapestry of human culture. And, of course, we will deliver these experiences in Seabourn’s signature personalized service and ultra-luxury elegance.

The top 10 reasons to explore the South Pacific with Seabourn include the following:

  1. Visit some of the most remote and fascinating locations on the planet including two islands in the remote Juan Fernandez Archipelago: Alejandro Selkirk and Robinson Crusoe. Go by Zodiac® to explore the dramatic and rocky coastlines and search for wildlife such as pink‐footed shearwaters and the Juan Fernandez fur seal. Stop at three islands in the Pitcairn group – only one of which is inhabited. Dive and snorkel over incredible intact coral reefs, look for endemic fruit doves, and meet the islanders who are direct descendants of the mutineers from The Bounty. Experience Easter Island, the easternmost reach of the Polynesian settlers and its distinctive lore and iconography. Travel inland to see the quarry where the volcanic rock was dug out and carved into gigantic moai heads. See the remains of several volcanoes and learn about the Birdman Cult.
  2. Snorkel in the turquoise waters of the islands of Fiji among some of the most colorful coral reefs in the world, spend three days in world-renowned Raja Ampat, and visit the tiny, numerous atolls of Micronesia. Or dive deeper into these regions by signing up for an optional submarine experience or be a part of the select Scuba Pass program to explore the reefs and their vivid occupants through a more intimate and fascinating perspective.
  3. Be invited to witness the otherworldly Baining Fire Dance ritual under the jungle moon of Papua New Guinea, outside of Rabaul on the island of New Britain. Situated under an active volcano, the city is surrounded by volcanic ash. An included Seabourn shore excursion offers you the chance to stay through the evening to experience the sacred fire dance.
  4. Visit the mysterious and stunning Sawa-I-Lau Caves in the Yasawa Islands of Fiji. Walk a short distance through the jungle to visit the limestone mountain, which is host to beautiful, crystal-blue lagoons.
  5. Take the Zodiacs up the Sepik River to Kopar Village to encounter the people of East Sepik and observe their elaborate dances, mask-making, and life in remote Papua New Guinea.
  6. Come ashore at Kitava Island to learn from the Trobriand people about their unique culture amongst the people of Milne Bay Province, including the kula ring, an important trading route of necklaces and shells amongst different island groups throughout the province.
  7. Arrive at Bakawari Island in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea. See a traditional Sing-Sing dance and song presentation by the local people and browse the incredible wood and fiber handicrafts produced for our visit.
  8. See the enigmatic archaeological site of Nan Madol on the island of Pohnpei. Explore its artificial islands and canals, created by large blocks of basalt. The included excursion drives around the edge of Pohnpei, the capital of the Federated States of Micronesia.
  9. Take a Zodiac through the Asewet River delta of West Papua, Indonesia to a village of the Asmat people. Steeped in traditions that are still practiced today, the Asmat embraced their origins as a warrior culture, with incredible woodworking, and life in one of the most remote coastal regions on earth.
  10. Stand on the deck of Seabourn Pursuit as it sails into Chuuk Atoll, formerly known as Truk. Once inside, dive or snorkel the incredibly preserved remains of the Japanese naval fleet dating back to World War II.

Seabourn will include Expedition Experiences for you at every island visited, from Zodiac cruising along isolated coastlines, to snorkeling or scuba diving among untouched coral reefs, to cultural interactions and performances by local communities, and hiking to explore the subtropical climate and endemic birdlife of the islands and more. In addition, there will be optional expeditions available such as submarine dives and kayaking tours in the waters surrounding the numerous islands.

For more information about experiencing one of Seabourn’s unforgettable, immersive, and cultural experiences in the South Pacific on board our newest ultra-luxury expedition ship, Seabourn Pursuit, please contact a travel advisor, call Seabourn at (800) 929-9391 or visit