More Dishes Revealed for New Solis Restaurant

We are excited to reveal additional dishes that will be available for you to enjoy soon in Solis, our new fine dining venue celebrating Mediterranean cuisine inspired by the destinations visited by you on our ultra-luxury ships. One of the remarkable chefs leading Seabourn’s culinary talents to bring the Solis concept to fruition is Master Chef and Culinary Partner Anton “Tony” Egger, who possesses a deep knowledge of authentic dishes and ingredients from the seaside region, as well as of the culinary preferences and refined tastes of our guests who travel with us all over the world.

“As the mastermind behind two of Seabourn’s most popular onboard dining concepts, Earth & Ocean at The Patio™ and Sushi, Chef Tony brings to Seabourn both Michelin-level skills and his passion for travel and culinary,” said Natalya Leahy, president of Seabourn. “Tony has a remarkable record of success introducing new culinary experiences and partnerships. I am so proud to support his creative energy as he and our extraordinary team shape Solis into an experience our guests will love.”

Scheduled to launch on Seabourn Quest in January 2024, Solis is being shaped by Chef Egger to be a destination for our guests to savor “lighter, fresher, and healthier cuisine” from countries along the sun-splashed edges of the Mediterranean, including the coasts of France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Morocco, Malta, and Turkey, as well as Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt. Following is a selection of new dishes you can look forward to when dining at Solis, along with Chef Egger’s thoughts and inspirations behind the dishes:

  • Bistecca Alla Fiorentina – Tuscan-style 32 oz. beef Porterhouse steak, vegetable, and new potato casserole. “While we were in Bologna developing the Gelato Program, we visited Florence and were invited by one of our butcher friends for lunch and he made us this amazing steak on his grill, which was the Bistecca Alla Fiorentina!”
  • Horiatiki Greek Village Salad – Barrel-aged feta cheese, cucumbers, Batala tomatoes, pickled red shallots, oregano, and fresh mint. “It seems like every time a chef shops from our ships, we discover a new way to offer Greek salad. This is a modern take on a classic, conceived to highlight the carefully sourced ingredients that make it seem so delicate.”
  • Fresh Tomato Tart – Boquerones, roasted garlic, oven-roasted eggplant puree and green olives. “We were inspired by Italian-style pizza, but we use a lighter and more delicate pastry tart instead. It offers a medley of Mediterranean flavors that accompany each taste and texture very well.”

A longtime Seabourn partner whose remarkable run with us began in 1998 as an Executive Chef, Chef Egger teamed with Senior Corporate Chef Franck Salein to conceive a restaurant that will satisfy guest preferences while continuing to elevate the world-class dining Seabourn is renowned for. Inspired by our guests who, when surveyed, ranked Mediterranean cuisine as their top pick for a new restaurant and “fresh and healthy” as their preferred attributes, Chef Egger crafted an exceptional dining experience focusing on “coastal cuisine.”

“When people think of classic ‘French cuisine,’ for instance, it’s often more Parisian, drenched with butter and cream. But olive oil reigns in the south of France because it is so much warmer along the Mediterranean. Coastal cuisine is a popular diet and the basis for a lot of healthy living. That gives us a lot of inspiration,” Egger said.

This cuisine includes “foods of the sun” with garden produce ripened by long growing seasons, fresh seafood pulled from the sea, and regional takes on carbohydrates such as the fougasse flatbread of Provence that is typically shaped like a sheath of wheat. The focus on the sun and warmth also inspired the name Solis, which is the Latin word for sun.

The menu that Chef Egger is crafting for Solis will include signature dishes and “inspired dailies” that change by the day based on the availability of ingredients and location when chefs bring back fresh delights from markets when ships are in port. The menu will also feature complimentary fine wines and premium selections from coastal regions available by the glass or bottle to pair with the restaurant’s coastal cuisine, as well as vintage-inspired cocktails curated by our talented mixologists and fashioned with modern ingredients.

In addition, presentation will be a strong element of the Solis experience, with tableware of fine china and glassware mixed and matched and ingredients artfully arranged by color and texture to create mouthwatering scenes on the plate.

“Over the years, Chef Franck and I have listened intently to discover what Seabourn guests really enjoy about dining,” he continued. “With Solis, we’re combining all that we have learned and more into something they are sure to enjoy – and that we will enjoy creating.” Dishes, desserts, drinks, and the restaurant design will all be integral to the experience, he assured. “But there will be more. The dynamic created when combined is what our guests will remember, and it will be fun for all of us in the kitchen to shape their experience.”

Born into a hospitality family in Austria, Chef Egger launched his culinary career via local apprenticeships while still in the prime of youth before moving on to expand his horizons, talents, and tastes at 5-star venues across four continents. After bringing those to Seabourn, Chef Egger transferred to our headquarters, then based in Miami, as Corporate Executive Chef. Within two years, he was a lead food and beverage partner for the entire fleet while building our reputation as a culinary leader through thoughtfully strategic moves and being intimately involved in the creation and launch of culinary operations on new Seabourn ships. He teamed with Chef Salein to expand Seabourn’s cuisine by conceiving and developing our popular venues such as Sushi offering authentic Japanese sushi, and Earth & Ocean at The Patio with daily menus highlighting sophisticated flavors inspired by our travels around the globe.

For more information about experiencing Solis on your next voyage, please contact a travel advisor, call Seabourn at (800) 929-9391 or visit